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Conversational Skills and Coaching for engineers and professionals in the industry.

This program develops the skills that contribute to promoting excellence and effectiveness, facilitating the learning of what we call “non-technological management tools”, or coaching conversational skills.

We propose that, beyond the specific knowledge of each professional, there are generic competences that all managers need in order to comply effectively in their role.

We are not always conscious of our conversations; many times we have them without taking into account that the quality and skills that we use will be determining variables in the results we obtain. Effective conversation is a skill that is learned and practiced.

The purposes of the course are:

  • Develop the leadership and conversational dynamics in the management team

  • Develop personal and communicational skills to function from the new paradigm of conversational leadership and management

  • Lead learning and transformation processes--personal and group

  • Develop control over personal and group feelings

  • Acquire conversational skills as a key factor to increase productivity

  • Use skills to achieve effective workplace relationships, carrying out daily tasks the most efficient and effective way

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